Ashtray with fragrance sounds like a unique idea, but who bothers for an ashtray, do people really care to buy an ashtray, at least in India? While the most stylized manner to handle a cigarette butt is to toss or flick it. So the elicit information of low-cost ashtray seems to be in vain. The response is, we Indians are socially unaware of the set of circumstances or are not interested in. This is about temperament; it’s established social conduct.

Our analysis showed us some eye-opening facts about butt littering. This is one of the major issues in India which is turn a blind eye to, or been ignored deliberately. Cigarette butts are the number one trash, yes number one trash found on our highways, byways, and beaches. Cigarette filters and littering is a misdemeanor.

” The cigarette filters are made up of cellulose acetate, which is not bio degradable as it breaks into smaller pieces but never disappears from the environment. Cellulose acetate is photodegradable which means that it will break down when exposed to UV rays; however the complete degradation takes around 10 years. The environmental cost of cigarette disposal is huge because cigarette butts are non-biodegradable.

Our Boov9 unique ashtray is versatile and can be used as a car ashtray and outdoor ashtray 

So What’s the Problem?

  • India gained 35 million smokers — bringing its total to 110 million — even though the smoking rate fell from 19 to 13 percent of the population.
  • Cigarettes are often littered within 10 feet of a permanent ashtray. Now that most buildings do not allow smoking inside, the problem of discarded butts on sidewalks, entryways and in courtyards is increasing.
  • The costs of “lost revenue” are incurred when tourists will not spend their vacation dollars to visit a beach or park that is full of litter and trash.
  • In a study performed by Elli Slaughter of San Diego State University, a single cigarette butt that had traces of tobacco was introduced to a liter of water. Cigarettes contain over 165 chemicals. This resulted in high toxicity levels and the death of 50% of the fish in the water. This is the result of one little cigarette butt.

In India, this problem is magnified as most coffee-shops and pubs are no-smoking zones, and smoking on the footpath outside is the norm. Conserving the environment is the most important thing each one of us needs to take up.

So we made it our problem.           

If the initiative were to be started in India, not only would it help in disposing of the littered cigarette butts, but it would also ease the workload on garbage collectors.

Smokers are decent people. If only they had a bin to get rid of their stuff they would use it. Many of the people leading civic change in India are also smokers.

But you got to be clever about designing the ashtray. It should not catch fire. It should be easy to use, easy to clean. And it should work!

So we started the systematic investigation into the study of smoker’s behavior for not using a personal Ashtray, and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

The very fact that every smoker wants to get rid-off, is the smoke and the smell associated with it. (Smoke after-effect).

Another issue was with ashtray’s design, the traditional Ashtrays are not handy to use, cannot be carried in bag, car, etc… in short 0% portability.

An addition to the above grievance, the cost of an ashtray with comparison to a cigarette, always looks huge.

So we had to figure out a personal ashtray with fragrance cartridge to kill the intoxicating smell of a cigarette, portable enough to be carried anywhere, and smokers would easily buy with low cost and value for money.

We think BOOV 9 Advance ashtray with a fragrance cartridge is a cool ashtray.

We have been noticed and appreciated in the view of the fact that our consumer perceived and believes in the quality and uniqueness of the product. Ashtray with fragrance and low cost is the main features of this product, and we want more and more people to buy it. A non- smoker should definitely gift this ashtray to a friend, or to a relative smoker.

We should never underestimate the Smoker’s interest in keeping his surroundings clean. He just needs a nudge.

We are doing our bit; you can do yours by adapting the process.