1. For any returns for your request it ought to be made before 48 hours periods of the real time of delivery to guarantee return of the paid sum. No refund will be made once the 48hr conveyance window begins. If there should arise an occurrence of Courier Products crossing out isn’t conceivable if the item is dispatched.

2. Cancellation of request will be made with mail with Subject: ” Cancellation Request” and sent to customercare@boov9.com

Please mention following subtle elements in the email:-

a. Request ID:

b. Crossing out Reason:

c. Return Account Details:

3. Cancellation will be started after formal request return demand is gotten at customercare@boov9.com

4. Refund will be made under after conditions:

a. Request was dropped.

b. Request was not conveyed to the beneficiary.( This does exclude the situation for unwarranted beneficiary )

c. On the off chance that there is any whine in regards to the nature of the item being conveyed, we will ask about the same and on the off chance that it is observed to be valid, the client will get a full discount or the item will be supplanted.

5. A discount must be asked for if there should be an occurrence of administration disappointment, our group will assess if a request fits the bill for a discount and the choice of our administration will be last. The discount sum in no conditions can surpass the sum paid by client, we are not obligated for any misfortune or claim past the sum really paid by client.

6. In instance of Cancellation, 5% charge will be material.

7. Any reduced or exempted sum can not be asserted for discount.

8. Any additional sum credited to Boov9 record might be considered for arrange upgrade yet won’t be refundable.

9. In all issues concerning Cancellation and discount Boov9 will have the choosing hand.

10. Boov9 may correct its Cancellation And Refund Policy now and again. In the event that we roll out any significant improvements in the way we utilize your own data we will advise you by email or a declaration on the site.

11. If you have any inquiries/remarks about our Cancellation And Refund Policy, if it’s not too much trouble email us at customercare@boov9.com

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