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Phantom Brown

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Innovative, elegant yet simple design with core functionality. Engraved with bygone line drawing illustrations, gives a Wow some look. Made of specially formulated high temperature plastic, it puts off cigarettes in seconds and holds several cigarette butts, helps contains smoke and removes odor, keeps cigarette butts out of sight, air fragrance cartridge is perfectly crafted for defying intoxicating odor like smoke, mildew smell, etc. Providing consistent mood-lifting fragrance delivery, happy note for everyday life, ergonomically designed, compact and light weight, designed to fit cup holders in your car, a premium quality product.

Product Benefits :

  • Burn/Scorch proof.
  • Puts off cigarette in seconds.
  • Eliminates smoke.
  • Eliminates odor and replaces it with refreshing aroma.
  • Cigarette holder on rim.
  • Prevents spill.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for Car, home, office, café,
  • Smoking zone, and washrooms.
  • Value for money.

Fragrance Cartridge Benefits :

  • Specially formulated fragrance cartridge.
  • Mood-lifting consistent fragrance delivery up to 4 weeks.
  • 100% Natural/organic ingredients with essential oil’s
  • Alcohol and ammonia free. 100% environment-friendly.
  • Eliminates the post tobacco/after smoke odor and replaces it with refreshing aroma.
  • The fragrance is appealing for both women / men and is safe for everyone.
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    Samyak Jain

    It’s efficiency and elegance makes me want it even more. Superb product.

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    Such a useful product! Plus it looks so good, no one would ever guess what it really is! So innovative and so useful. Love it

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    Ahzam Rasul

    I am using it for some time and it’s like a good value for money.

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