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Inspired by Impish glee, a mischievously happy note.

Revitalizing aroma with informal pep of zesty, bubbly, playful fruity note added to woody amber flavor; spice up your life with this new happy fragrance.

Fragrance Cartridge Benefits :

  • Specially formulated fragrance cartridge.
  • Mood-lifting consistent fragrance delivery up to 4 weeks.
  • 100% Natural/organic ingredients with essential oil’s
  • Alcohol and ammonia free. 100% environment-friendly.
  • Eliminates the post tobacco/after smoke odor and replaces it with refreshing aroma.
  • The fragrance is appealing for both women / men and is safe for everyone.

This fragrance cartridge can be refilled with your choice of fragrance (we recommend to use only pure essential oil) after optimum utilisation.
Fragrance cartridge is made for delivering consistent Mood-lifting fragrance up to 4 weeks. Once the cartridge is completely dried or do not provide any more fragrance, you can then put approx. 20 ml of pure essential oil of your choice to start using it again.

Please note : Fragrance Cartridge is re-usable or refillable only with pure essential oils, it is not washable please do not wash fragrance cartridge or else the cartridge will be damaged permanently and cannot be used any longer. This fragrance cartridge can be used for 6 months from the date of purchase, a fresh cartridge needs to purchased thereafter.

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    Shivam Gupta

    The smell is so good and enchanting. Easy to use and creates no fuss at all.

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    Saloni Lalwani

    Smells delightful and It is also manageable.

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