Manufacturing Point is a Blog to be eyed or should be eyed as an expression, reflection, intention, perfection, invention, and acceptation of the merits and demerits of the products manufactured. The humongous domain to explore and the possibilities of varied viewpoints make it an enticing subject to address. A thorough analysis of the product from the insight of manufacturer, customers and society also provides you a vast knowledge about the product features, benefits, values and sustainability.

Today we screen our indigenously conceptualized and manufactured product called Butt Bucket Ashtray with Fragrance Cartridge. Although the inspiration to manufacture the product came from the self-realization of a smoker, the idea of invention came from a thought of providing something more than just an “Ashtray”, something which a non- smokers can also accommodate in his daily chores besides can be doubled up as an ashtray when required, and artistically designed to grab the attention while being portable enough to carry and placed anywhere. The core intention of the invention had to compliment the usability of the product at the same time decreasing the adverse effect to a certain point. A compilation of these requirements and thoughts produced a Unique and Innovative product called Butt Bucket Ashtray with Fragrance Cartridge or Advance Ashtray.

Further in this blog we will address and elaborate on the following subject.

  • Manufacturing Challenges.
  • Society Awareness.
  • Product Features, Benefits, and Competitiveness.

Manufacturing Challenges

As a manufacturer even before addressing the manufacturing components of the product the main challenge was to overcome the general perception “Does Ashtray promote Smoking”. This thought may seem irrelevant to an ashtray manufacturer in comparison with a cigarette manufacturer, but our motive to create awareness in the society, while manufacturing and marketing our product made us think heavily on this line, and as a smoking accessories manufacturer we felt it’s our duty to clear this preconceived notion and create a meaningful campaign for the betterment of our society.

To vanquish this preconceived opinion about the product, foremost we need to understand the responsibility of an ashtray. “An Ashtray is an Antidote for Butt Littering” and “Butt Littering is a Repercussion of Smoking”.  Comprehending this statement will enlighten us on the substantial utilization of ashtray and enrich us with the menace of butt littering.

For many of us who are still speculative and unambiguous, the following example which should help you understand

  • Protective Head gears like Hard- hats and Helmets encourage head injuries…
  • Protective Gear in sports promotes harsh play…
  • Tetanus shots encourage people to step on nails…
  • Lifejackets encourage people to capsize their boats…
  • Seat belts and airbags promote collision…

Besides no one is mesmerized by an ashtray and decided to take up smoking as a habit, in fact, a smoker can be enthralled by an ashtray’s unique features, only to induce a habit of using an ashtray when he smokes thus avoiding butt littering.

“Precautionary measures helps the un-preventive situation”

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